Gabriele Junge

Coach and consultant for inter­national competencies

Culture includes social and individual habits, rules and behavior, which … could be created, adopted and applied and which are determinating, how  people can live together having similar values.

Christian Fichter, Jörn Basel and Sherin Keller

We are faced to many questions in these times

            How will we build intercultural teams in the future? How have our colleagues, our fellow human beings, organized their life together so far? How do they think and feel?

What defines them? What is important to them? Where are there differences? How do we manage to walk a common path with acceptance and respect for a different culture?

How do we find a Common PATH to live together?

My pleasure to answer these and related questions to you.

My focus is on developping  intercultural competence, intercultural communication and solving everyday problems of people and teams with different cultural identities – with a focus on Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and China.