Development of new teams with employees from Ukraine and Central Asian countries such as Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

As a specialist consultant with knowledge of intercultural challenges, I can support you in the search for and selection of your specialist staff and the formation of successful teams. 

Developing needs-oriented strategies for long-term and successful cooperation, conducting initial interviews and making a pre-selection from the applicants is my core competence.


Intercultural competence as the basis for the success of your foreign business in Ukraine, Central Asian countries and integration of new employees abroad and in Germany

Different training methods help the participants to recognize their optimal personal strategies in order to create trusting encounters with new colleagues from Ukraine or Central Asian countries such as Kazakhstan or Uzbekistan. The aim is not to be personally disappointed in challenging situations..

The participants train practical recommendations and positive reactions to unknown, new and difficult situations in their daily work in a new intercultural environment.


Arriving in a new environment, finding your way in a different culture with acceptance and respect

Through joint training with the participants, solutions are developed for dealing with new tasks in order to master challenges in a previously unknown culture.

Participants deepen their ability to build sustainable relationships with new colleagues from different cultural backgrounds through respectful communication and to form successful teams in the long term.